It is a therapy used for treating stretch marks, cellulite, and dark under-eye circles. An increasing number of people are choosing this treatment to improve their appearance. You will find improvement in:

Wrinkles and fine lines
Skin elasticity

How is Carboxytherapy treatment done?
The specifics and details of the treatment vary depending on the body area being treated. However, the mechanics of the procedure remain mostly the same. A carbon dioxide tan is connected to a flow-regulator with plastic tubing. The doctor would meticulously adjust how much gas flows from the tank. The gas is released through the flow regulator into a sterile tube that is fixed with a filter at the end. The impurities get collected in the filter before it reaches the body. The gas runs through a small needle on the opposite end of the filter. The doctor administers the gas through an injection beneath the skin surface through a needle.

The entire procedure is painless with no to little discomfort. Some doctors apply numbing cream on the treated area prior to inserting the needle. Regardless of pain and discomfort, some patients experience a strange sensation shortly afterward the treatment. It is performed as an outpatient procedure and lasts between fifteen and thirty minutes.

How does the Carboxytherapy Treatment work?
To an extent, partial circulation of blood is responsible for dark under-eye circles, cellulite, and stretch marks. Cells present in the body releases carbon dioxide as waste. Red blood cells are responsible for taking the oxygen you inhale and carry it to tissues followed by picking up carbon dioxide. Finally, the lungs exhale the carbon dioxide.

A doctor can increase the circulation of blood to a particular area by injecting carbon dioxide triggering the red blood cells to rush to that specific area. When the blood cells reach the targeted area, they promote the circulation in blood. This helps in repairing skin elasticity, and if it is related to under-eye dark circles, change pigmentation to a healthy glow.

Under-eye circles

Poor blood circulation, which creates vascular pooling, is responsible for causing dark circles under the eyes. Injecting the carbon dioxide gas under the eyelid decreases this appearance of bluish pooling replacing it with a blush tone.

Stretch marks

The stretch marks that appear on your body are consequential to a rupture of dermal collagen. The procedure forms new collagen that thickens the skin improving its overall appearance.


Hair loss is also triggered by poor circulation and can be treated with this procedure.


Carbon dioxide gas used in this treatment can be injected into fat cells as well causing the cells to burst and be destroyed in the body. Cellulite happens when subcutaneous fat protrudes through the skin surface. According to several studies, it has been found that carboxytherapy treatment is both effective and safe to treat this condition.

Is the carboxytherapy procedure painful?
As mentioned earlier, the treatment causes no pain though it feels weird or strange to some patients. Due to the different methods used for treating fat deposits, stretch marks, and scars, the sensation is different based on the area being treated. The treatment of scars and stretch marks is usually painless. Itchy sensation and pressure from the gas might be felt as the stretch marks are enlarged. However, this feeling subsides within ten to fifteen minutes. The treatment of fat deposits and cellulite on the legs, arms, and abdomen gives a unique sensation. This happens because a larger quantity of gas is administered into the fat deposits and allowed to expand. The targeted sites would feel tingly and warm for up to the next twenty-four hours after the procedure as circulation to these areas will improve. As there are no nerves in the scar tissue, there is no pain felt in treating scars.

What to expect after the procedure?
When carboxytherapy procedure is used for treating scars and stretch marks, it is painless because scar tissues do not have nerves. You might feel some sensation as the stretch marks distend during the treatment. The itchy feeling, however, will resolve in five to ten minutes.

Carboxytherapy treatment, when used for treating fat deposits and cellulite, might lead to a sensation like the blood pressure test. This happens because of expanding gas. Treated sites would feel tingly and warm after the procedure for twenty-four hours as the carbon dioxide gas improves circulation. Irrespective of the area treated, you can expect to get back to normal activities and routine after the treatment session.

Carboxytherapy Benefits
As carboxytherapy procedure aims at stimulating circulation in the affected areas, you can expect to get great results that are consequential to oxygenation and improved blood flow, including the following:

Increased production of collagen.
Increased fat burn/metabolism, reduction of cellulite
Reduced stretch marks and scars.
Improved skin texture and tone – diminished wrinkles and fine lines, firmer skin
Perfect treatment for treating dark under-eye circles.
As carboxytherapy is a gentle treatment, it can be used even on the most delicate skin, this is an ideal choice for treating patients with sensitive skin.

How many sessions of Carboxytherapy are needed?
The number of carboxytherapy treatments needed depends on the area being treated, and the extent to which the targeted area is affected. If the procedure is performed in combination with other methods, it might take more sessions to achieve the optimal results. Usually, five to ten sessions are required to treat the affected area.

What is the cost of Carboxytherapy treatment?
The cost of the Carboxytherapy treatment depends on several factors like the area to be treated, the method used, experience, qualification, and training of the doctor you choose.